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We regularly change our selection of cheeses depending on the season, so there is always something new and exciting in our cheese case. Stop in and see for yourself!

Ford Farm English Mature Farmhouse Cheddar

Cave Aged

Their hand-made cheddar is aged in the historic caves at Wookey Hole, Somerset.  The unique atmosphere and use of highest quality ingredients come together deliciously in this award winning cheese.  It's distinctive, rich, tangy, earthy, and nutty and pairs well with ciders, ales, ports, and Bordeaux reds. 



Their hand-made cheddar is aged in the historic caves at Wookey Hole in Somerset.  The unique atmosphere and use of highest quality ingredients come together delectably in this award winning cheese.  It's distinctive, rich, tangy, earthy, and nutty.  


Tickler with Red Onions

Extra Mature Cheddar

Taw Valley Creamery's Tickler is a sweet and tangy, strong and tasty, relatively hard cheese.  With vast food and drink pairing possibilities, the Tickler is best when paired with farmhouse ales or a Merlot wine, or is savory yet simple with a chutney on sourdough.




Grey Barn & Farm's Prufrock

Handmade on Martha's Vineyard

Delicate yet pungent, toasty and nutty with hints of tropical fruit and sour cream.  A soft, slightly salty cheese, Prufrock resembles the cheeses found on the coasts of Ireland and France.  Certified organic, Grey Barn uses the milk from their own purely grass fed cows, yielding subtle seasonal changes in taste which are transferred into their cheese.  Pair it with a Belgian wheat beer, a glass of Burgundy, or a crisp, bubbly glass of Champagne.